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“I’m addicted.”


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Couple sharing a few assorted flavors of Chicago Kale chips.  Sharing is caring.

World's Greatest Kale Chip.

Professional food photo.  Dark wood cutting board topped with a handful of green kale, chopped cilantro, cashews, and assorted colorful spices.

Salad, Without a fork.

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Kale Generation

In 2016, at a juice shop in Chicago, an idea was born for a new generation of a mindful snack. In a quest to develop healthier, on-the-go options, we stumbled upon something magical: Kale. By itself, it's a boring 'ole nutritional powerhouse. When dressed with our special blend of ingredients and air-crisped, it takes on a life of its own.


Each of our ingredients are consciously chosen based on their health promoting properties (even if your taste buds say otherwise). Kale, veggies, cashews, and spices--simple ingredients you know and trust.  Neither baked nor fried, we do you one better.  Utilizing a unique, low temperature air-curing process that spans days, we preserve all of the delicate phytonutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that supercharge your health.

How to Enjoy

Enjoy our kale crisps as a nutrient dense, on-the-go salad with a full serving of antioxidant-rich kale.  Or, savor as a satisfying snack, but no need to mind your manners.  Our products aren't just "less bad"--they're entirely good for you.

What it is




Paleo Friendly

100% plant based

What it isn't


No Dairy

No Grains

No Soy

No Added Sugar


From Farm to Face.

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